This wiki is extremely out of date. It was probably last updated in early 2011. It's November of 2019 now, and we're not sure why you'd still be looking at this wiki, except if you want to know how Video Game Caper and Downfall of Steam originated. We've since migrated over to the Screwdriver Tree Wiki, where we post not only about Video Game Caper and Downfall of Steam, but also about our other games, such as the Screwdriver Tree Episodes and T.T.F.N. Series. The only reason we keep this wiki running is for nostalgic touchy-feely look-back purposes. Read it if you'd like, or check out all the updated pages on the new wiki. 


-Screwdriver Tree, master underliners

Welcome to VGC + DFoS Wiki

Video Game Caper + Downfall of Steam


Welcome. This wiki contains story elements for VGC and DFoS.

The legacy of how an old man and two young men changed the land of Puraeon forever.

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